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Forest is a multidisciplinary video project created from a Buddhist concept of people being a part of nature, rather then being a dominant force. Forrest has first been written as a short prose, afterwards it has been choreographed.

I’m entering a deep and dense forest. It is an evergreen forest of my thoughts.
I’m wandering around with my senses wide open, inhaling the smell of pine trees, caressing the leaves and feeling the moist soil beneath my feet. I sense the warmth of a rising sun and hear the sound of wind. I let the wind pass through me and tickle me from within.
This full immersion in my senses is taking me on a ride through some far away corners of my consciousness. It is shooting right through my memories with a speed of light, making everything covered with fog.
This forest is made of my choices, thoughts and beliefs, but I’m still not the forest. I’m just a visitor here, - wanted or unwanted at times, but when I leave the forest shall stay.

Music: Marie Awadis
Video: Kim Strobel

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