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My name is Anastasia Krasnoshchoka and I am a dancer educated at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School. I have always been in love with dance, though my path towards dancing career was not always straightforward and at times quite tortuous. I come from Ukraine where at age of 7 I started studying folk dance. Later, at high school, my interests in dance have also extended towards ballroom dancing with special focus on tango.


Due to huge limitations in dance education and work opportunities in Ukraine I had to combine my education in Technical university with my passion for dance. At those times I extensively performed and choreographed various ballroom pieces for dance theater “Feiliz Beile” as well as for numerous university cultural events. While life was often putting lots of obstacles on my way towards dancing career, deep inside I always knew that it was the only right path for me.


After obtaining master’s degree in physics and photonics, I moved to Denmark for pursuing my PhD at DTU Fotonik. At that point I developed great passion for contemporary and modern dance and realized that I wanted to devote myself solely to pursuing dancing career and getting further education in these styles. Not willing to abandon my studies half-way through, I was combining full-time PhD studies with full-time dance pre-education at Sceneindgangen for over two years and was training towards enrolling in a professional dance education at CCDS.

After I had got admitted to CCDS in 2019 I dedicated myself to my dance education both as a student at CCDS, but also made my own works and participated in some additional projects, some of them are presented on the website under the projects section.

Today I am combining my art practices and activism work for Ukraine. In my dance realm, I love to craft captivating atmospheres and evoke powerful emotions. I embrace improvisation as a vital element in the work, that allows me to create spontaneous and authentic movements. Furthermore, I firmly believes in using the language of dance to address important social and political issues, utilizing art to spark thought-provoking conversations. My latest work called "Flowers also cry" is an ode to females at war, is has premiered in Copenhagen in September 2023 and profit from all three sold out shows has been donated to Ukraine.

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