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Flowers also cry

”Flowers also cry” is powerful contemporary dance performance by a Ukrainian choreographer Anastasia Krasnoshchoka that pays tribute to the untold stories of courageous women who have served and sacrificed during times of war. This moving and inspiring production is a celebration of the unbreakable spirit and resilience of women in the face of adversity.

“Flowers also cry” is a heartfelt exploration of the human experience during wartime. Through the art of dance, we will delve into the lives of those who have endured captivity, faced harm, and had to abandon their homes. But it is not only a portrayal of the trials and tribulations; it’s also an ode to the strength and determination of those who came back and are dedicated to shaping a brighter future.

In a world often numbed by news headlines and statistics of loss, “Flowers also cry” aims to put a human face to the heart-wrenching stories of war. The performance showcases the essence of hope and resilience, demonstrating the unyielding human spirit that rises above challenges.

Profitts from ticket sales from the premiere and rest of the shows at Teater Zeppelin have been donated to Ukraine. The team is dedicated to continue donating, if there will be economic substance to it.

Director and choreographer: Anastasia Krasnoshchoka

Choreography: Anastasia Krasnoshchoka in co-creation with the dancers.

Sound : Karl Chueiri Heding, Saymory, Kebu.

Performers: Anastasiia Krsnoshchoka, Anette Toivianen, Natalie Cox, Maria Solei Järvet and Kim Strobel

Lighting design: Igor Galicki, Anna Thea Iven.

Photo by Galyna Baz

Filmed by Eva Anker
Video editing by Kim Strobel

The creation of the work has been supported by Augustinus Fonden, Dansk Skuespillerforbund, William Demant, touring of the work was supported by Kgs. Enghave Lokaludvalg, L.M. Fonden.

Julia Dmukh

When the first explosions near my home occurred on February 24, I recorded a video for my clients and followers on how to help yourself to overcome stress and didn't have time for tears. When we left Bucha, after a long time spent in the basement, and having seen all the horrors, what was happening around, I knew that I had move forward and did not have time for tears. During my stay in Denmark, I cried only when I saw the first Ukrainian flag, later there were so many worries ahead that I didn't have time for tears... And so today I came to the performance "Flowers also cry" and started crying from the first minutes. I didn't have time to wipe my eyes, and I was glad that it was dark all around and I could finally cry... An incredibly emotional performance that is striking with its sincerity and truth. Thank you, Anastasia Krasnoshchoka for the opportunity to feel the pulse of life with each skin cell, for a wonderful performance, for sincerity and depth of emotions that every viewer of this performance felt. 

Sofie Gydesen Marseen

The universe of sorrow and trauma
Yesterday Anastasia and her team of talented dancers took us into the universe of sorrow. It was both violent and beautiful.

Hans Lyndrup

To think that ballet can be such a powerful experience.

Kateryna Peklin

These are raw and uncovered emotions, that she out together in a contemporary dance. I am in awe. I am still under the impression, and probably going to stay with this feeling from the show for a while.
I had goosebumps during the whole hour of the performance, tears were falling uncontrolled, I think I didn´t even breath… such deep strings of my soul were managed to be touched.
Hvordan man fortæller om hele tragedien i krigen i Ukraine på én time med dens endeløse sirener, beskydning, ødelæggelse af byer, tragedier, endeløse smerte af menneskelige tab... Hvor der trods alt dette er plads til modet og heltemodet af de ukrainske kvinder, der redder den ukrainske verden på deres skuldre, limer de det sammen i stykker som en knækket vase. Tak til Anastasia Krasnoshchoka for Flowers also cry ... Det var emotionelt, ærligt, nogle gange var det meget smertefuldt at mærke gennem dansesproget al denne malstrøm af lidelse, som ukrainere går igennem... Men tak for håbet! Det mest imponerende er denne ægte katarsis, når kvinder efter prøvelsernes vej finder styrken til at kæmpe videre og, uanset hvad, følger Lysets vej. Denne forestilling er et rigtigt manifest for ukuelige ukrainske kvinder! Bravo!

Coming shows

12 May Stockholm, Sweden    
21 May Tampere, Finland  
18 - 21 September Copenhagen, Denmark
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