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Flowers also cry

” Flowers also cry” is powerful contemporary dance performance that pays tribute to the untold stories of courageous women who have served and sacrificed during times of war. This moving and inspiring production is a celebration of the unbreakable spirit and resilience of women in the face of adversity.

“Flowers also cry” is a heartfelt exploration of the human experience during wartime. Through the art of dance, we will delve into the lives of those who have endured captivity, faced harm, and had to abandon their homes. But it is not only a portrayal of the trials and tribulations; it’s also an ode to the strength and determination of those who came back and are dedicated to shaping a brighter future.

In a world often numbed by news headlines and statistics of loss, “Flowers also cry” aims to put a human face to the heart-wrenching stories of war. The performance showcases the essence of hope and resilience, demonstrating the unyielding human spirit that rises above challenges.

Direction/ concept: Anastasia Krasnoshchoka

Choreography: Anastasia Krasnoshchoka in co-creation with the dancers.

Sound : Karl Chueiri Heding

Performers: Anastasiia Krsnoshchoka, Anette Toivianen, Natalie Cox, Maria Solei Järvet, Kim Strobel

Filmed by Eva Anker
Video editing by Kim Strobel

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